Collaborating projects

One of the striking features of the RB&AB research group is the fact that we rely on collaboration for our biological experiments. We have in the execution of experiments chosen to focus on the omics technology and bioinformatics parts. As such, we have a wide range of collaborating partners such as several UvA groups in SILS and IBED, as well as the UvA: several AMC research groups; groups at the RIVM; the group of prof. Dr. Herman Spaink (Leiden University); the Leiden Institute of Advanced Computer Science (LIACS-LU); the Top Institute Green Genetics (TTI-GG); the Netherlands e-Science Center (NLeSC), as well as many other academic and industrial research groups. An additional benefit of this approach is that RB&AB is not restricted to one model organism for its research. Depending on the topic under study, we will search for the best experimental set-up, including the best model organism and most-fitting partner.

As this collaborative approach should work both ways, we invite everyone that feel, given the information about our research interests, that he or she would like to collaborate with us to contact t.m.breit at immediately.

Testimony of our expert collaboration skills and result can be found in the numerous collaborative scientific articles we have published over the years.