About us

The RNA Biology and Applied Bioinformatics research group emerged from the MicroArray Department (MAD), which was founded in 1999. The MAD laboratory was officially opened for external services at April 5, 2001. The tasks of the expertise center encompassed the design, production and use of (custom-made) microarrays, as well as analysis of the experimental results. A while ago, next-generation sequencing services were added. Nowadays, the MAD consists of a "Wet-Lab" for molecular-biology analyses service and support, and a "Dry-Lab" for bioinformatics service and support and because interest in microarray technology has faded is now named: "Molecular Analysis Department (MAD)".

In 2003 the Integrative Bioinformatics Unit emerged (IBU) from the MAD to perform the bioinformatics research. Over the years, an increasing effort has been put in the development and optimization of the gene-expression analysis (including sample preparation) as well as innovative ways to use genomics technologies. This resulted in 2012 in the research re-focused to "RNA Biology & Applied Bioinformatics (RB&AB)" and the founding of a research group with that name.

Over the years, both the RB&AB research group and the associated MAD technology support unit have expanded and work at the frontiers of genome-wide molecular-biology technology, research and data analysis. The combined know-how of a genomics expertise center including bioinformatics support proved to be a successful concept. The close collaboration of  the RB&AB research unit, the MAD Dry- & Wet-labs, and life-sciences researchers creates a stimulating environment that is beneficial for all clients and partners, today and in the future.